Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (B): When Medicine Meets Tourism

Wen‐Ching Chang, Wenting Xue, Katherine Rong Xin

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It had been one year since Anita Basu joined the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz as the Director of the Medical Center and member of the Executive Committee. Basu believed that the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz differentiated itself from other high-end resorts because of the centuries-old thermal spring and five-star experience that integrated medical treatment and other facilities. However, would the diversification of the facilities lead to the dilution of Bad Ragaz brand? Did the concept of holiday recreation and healthcare services bring synergy or conflict with each other? How would the aging population of Europe affect the Medical Center of Bad Ragaz? Basu read reports that pointed out the huge growth potential of the Chinese and Asian markets, but the past year was her first time seriously considering business development with Chinese customers and partners. It seemed that a direct shift in target audience from Europe to Asia might help Basu to increase the performance of the Medical Center or even the resort, but challenges like lack of mutual trust, legal differences, mismatched expectations, and language barriers had to be taken into consideration as well. Basu had to report to the CEO but hesitated as to whether she should propose a greater focus on Asian guests. If she should, how?
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2021

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