Entrepreneurial Passion: A Meta-Analysis of Three Measures

Hao Zhao (First Author), Qinglin Liu (Participant Author)

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We explore how entrepreneurial passion’s effect size varies across measures and operationalizations. The role-based measure outperforms the dualistic measure on some outcomes but not on performance. The role-based measure’s IPF and IC dimensions are strongly correlated, and so are its three domains, putting its theoretical assumptions in question. Scholars often use it against the guidelines, although the obtained effect sizes do not drop. The dualistic measure is more effective when the original questions are used and when entrepreneurship-specific targets are mentioned. Yet, its focus is not positive feelings per se. The search for an ideal passion model should continue.
期刊Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
早期在线日期27 1月 2022
已出版 - 2022


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