Li-Ning lost out to foreign rivals in China

  • Hellmut Schütte
  • Jocelyn Probert
  • Sumelika Bhattacharyya

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    Gymnast Li Ning became a Chinese hero in 1984 when he won six medals at the Los Angeles Olympics, the country’s first appearance at a summer games in 32 years. By 1990 he had set up his own sportswear company, Li-Ning. It was an immediate hit, and in 1999 the company’s revenues in China reached Rmb700m, more than twice Nike’s Rmb300m and Adidas’s Rmb100m.

    Period17 Jun 2013

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    Media contributions

    • TitleLi-Ning lost out to foreign rivals in China
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      PersonsHellmut Schütte, Jocelyn Probert, Sumelika Bhattacharyya


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