Bank of China Liaoning Branch: Restructuring and Relocation

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This case describes the regional restructuring story of Bank of China (BOC) Liaoning Branch, a provincial branch. In January 2016, BOC’s Beijing head office decided to make a crucial strategic adjustment to its institutional setup in Liaoning Province. Tianbing Jia, the newly appointed president of Liaoning Branch, was tasked with splitting up the branch and relocating it from the city of Dalian to the city of Shenyang in just three months. Jia and his executive team made meticulous preparations for the separation and relocation to ensure everything went smoothly while safeguarding employees' well-being. Thanks to the effective work of Jia and his team, the relocation was completed on time. However, this was just the first step in a complicated restructuring process. Following the move, Jia and his team had to start a new organization from the ground up in an unfamiliar city. This presented another significant challenge: integrating Liaoning Branch from Dalian and Shenyang Branch into a new provincial branch.
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Publication statusPublished - 31 May 2022

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  • organisational change
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