2023 China Business Report: On Business Performance and Operations of Companies in China in the New Business Environment

Howei Wu, Bin Xu, Feida Zhang, Sharon Li, Duke Wu

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The China and Europe International Business School (CEIBS) Research Team with three professors and two research assistants conducted an online survey from November 18th to November 27th 2022, receiving 1,474 unique responses in total. 1,181 (80.2%) survey participants work for Chinese-owned firms or firms with 50% or more Chinese ownership, and 291 (19.8%) participants work for foreign-owned firms in China or firms with more than 50% foreign ownership.
The professional distributions show that the survey sample is not a typical sample of enterprises operating in China, but rather reflects the situation of the enterprises of the senior executives who have study experiences in CEIBS, especially that of enterprises of more than half of the EMBA alumni and students. According to the class profile of CEIBS EMBA programme, the average age of participants is 41, average years of working experience is 17, and their average years of managing experience is 12. More than 95% of the participants are senior managers. CEIBS has more than 20,000 alumni, including EMBA alumni who participated the most in this survey among all alumni or students. Based on the above information, we conclude that the survey result has reference value in the sense that it largely reflects how “head companies” (the leading companies and most active ones in their respective industries) in China assessed and judged the impacts of business environment and innovation on business operations. This is also confirmed by the survey results of the reported market positioning of their products and services.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • Business Performance
  • Business Operations
  • Companies in China
  • Business Environment


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