Financial Accounting and Reporting: A Global Perspective

Yuan Ding (Participant Author), Michel Lebas (Participant Author), Hervé Stolowy (Participant Author)

Research output: Book/ReportMonograph


Now in its third edition, this respected and widely used book provides an essential introduction to financial accounting and reporting for today's international business student. Written very much from the user' rather than the preparer' accounting perspective, the book is ideally suited to international business and accountancy students. It offers a non-prescriptive a-national' approach, together with an excellent understanding of comparative differences in accountancy practices. The authors provide clear and comprehensive guidance to all the complex concepts and issues in accounting (including double-entry bookkeeping), together with explanation of the more technical aspects of accounting transactions. The book is highly international in focus, being based on IFRS GAAP but also using lots of real-life company accounts from a wide range of worldwide companies as examples, to enable students to see how the issues appear in practice. User-friendly tables, figures, and diagrams are extensively used throughout the commentary, to facilitate students' clear understanding of accountancy issues, and specific assignments are given at the end of every chapter (with solutions at the back) to aid rapid and independent learning. A free Companion Website accompanies the book, providing both students and instructors with a wide selection of enriched material.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSouth-Western Cengage Learning
Number of pages786
EditionThird Edition
ISBN (Print)9781408021132
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

Call number

657/S875/3RD ED/2010


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