Shanda Cloudary: Building an Online Literature Platform

Liang Dong (First Author), Leiping Xu (Participant Author), Weiru Chen (Participant Author)

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Online literature has been developing rapidly in China in recent years, and the worldwide book industry is also undergoing an unprecedented transformation. As many firms have aggressively pursued new business models, such as digital publishing, e-reading and on line bookstores, Shanda has sought to seize first-mover advantage and build a digital publishing and reading industry chain itself, relying on its online literature platform, Cloudary. Shanda Cloudary connects readers and authors, and its businesses include payment, copyright licensing, advertising, and third party business and offline services. Faced with fierce competition from strong rivals, the threat of piracy, issues in technological development, difficulties in post-acquisition integration and other challenges, would Cloudary be able to consolidate and mobilize its internal resources to build up an integrated industry chain in a timely manner, attract more users, and generate big profits against the backdrop of the mobile Internet revolution?
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages22
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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China Europe International Business School


  • Business Model
  • Culture Industry
  • Digital publishing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Shanda Group

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  • General Management
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