3 Lessons from Chinese Firms on Effective Digital Collaboration

Shameen Prashantham (First Author), Jonathan Woetzel (Participant Author)

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As we face a global medical and economic crisis, large-scale collaboration between organizations has never been more important. Useful inspiration can come from China, where the pandemic is but one of many crises that businesses have faced, and where a variety of pressures and opportunities have shaped a set of distinctive partnering practices. The authors propose three models for collaboration that offer useful lessons for leaders all around the world: the “Data Sharing” model, in which companies leverage digital data infrastructure to more freely share information; the “Coalition-Building” model, in which a consortium of public and private entities work together towards a shared social goal; and the “Superapp Platform” model, in which companies share tools and resources for common benefit. While these Chinese approaches cannot be copied wholesale into a Western context, the authors suggest that many companies may be able to adapt these models to fit their unique requirements and support the global fight against the pandemic.
期刊Harvard Business Review Digital Articles
出版状态已出版 - 2020


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