BUSINESS OF WINE: A Global Perspective

Per V. Jenster, David E. Smith, Darryl J. Mitry, Lars V. Jenster

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    The enjoyable nectar of grapes and the business of bringing it to consumers have already had a long history, but never before has the wine industry seen so much change. The Business of Wine is aimed at anyone with an interest in broadening his or her view of wine to encompass some of the fascinating complexities of the business side of this international industry. It is also the intention that it provides substantive reading for the professional, the academic, or the student seeking to gain deeper insight into the structure and economics of the industry as well as into the various trends and pressures which are currently affecting it. Go to any bookstore, and you will find a myriad of guides to the wines of the world. Interesting as such books are to wine lovers, these volumes leave many gaps. The aim of this book is to fill those gaps and to provide a global overview of wine as a business. While it is still possible to drive through Provence, Napa Valley or Mendoza unearthing the odd case of undiscovered nectar, the real backbone of today's wine industry lies elsewhere. It is that backbone - its structure and complex functions - that is examined in detail in The Business of Wine.
    出版商Samfundslitterature Press
    已出版 - 1 1月 2008

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