Doing Business in Asia

Sumati Varma (First Author), Terence Tsai (Participant Author), Gabriele Suder (Participant Author)

科研成果: 书/报告专著


From the author of Doing Business in Europe (SAGE, 2018), Gabriele Suder has teamed up with Sumati Varma based in India, and Terence Tsai from China to bring this comprehensive solution for Asian business teaching and learning. The book offers a highly productive mix of international business and marketing theory, and is packed with pedagogical tools to engage and develop understanding, including two full-length corporate case studies per chapter. This is a unique volume covering the most relevant topics of Asia-focused business and management practice spanning from cross-cultural management to supply chain resilience to market entry and expansion strategy, and much more. Specifically designed to meet the needs of Postgraduate, MBA and those taking part in Executive Education programmes, this exciting learning experience will prepare Asia's leaders of the future.
出版商SAGE Publications Ltd
已出版 - 1 1月 2021

Author information

Gabriele Suder - RMIT University, Australia
Terence Tsai - China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), China
Sumati Varma - University of Delhi, India

Table of contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Doing Business in Asia    
Chapter 2: International Business Strategy: Asia    
Chapter 3: Location Decisions and Market Expansion in Asia    
Chapter 4: Market Access Conditions and Regional Integration    
Chapter 5: Modes of Entry and Investment for Asia    
Chapter 6: Asia's Global Value Chain Participation    
Chapter 7: Diversity and Cultures: Further Considerations & Conclusion    


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