Emerging Market Multinationals: Managing Operational Challenges for Sustained International Growth

Seung Ho Park (Participant Author), Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra (Participant Author), William Newburry (Participant Author)

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Emerging market multinationals are becoming leaders in their industries, able to compete on equal terms with firms from advanced economies, but their paths toward global leadership are not always smooth. This book examines the specific challenges faced by emerging market multinationals as they seek to develop their international operations and proposes actionable solutions for them. The authors seamlessly combine academic analyses with a rich selection of real-world cases to provide a clear framework for understanding some of the barriers that prevent firms from emerging economies from succeeding abroad and show readers what actions can be taken to achieve sustained international growth. With clear, concise arguments and examples that bring the discussion to life, this insightful book will appeal to managers and students alike.
出版商Cambridge University Press
已出版 - 1 1月 2016

Author information

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra is Professor of International Business and Strategy at Northeastern University, Boston. He is an expert on global strategy, with a special interest in emerging market multinationals. He co-edited Understanding Multinationals from Emerging Markets (Cambridge University Press, 2014). For more information, please visit www.cuervo-cazurra.com. William Newburry is the SunTrust Bank Professor and Chair of the Department of Management and International Business at Florida International University. His current research interests focus on how multinational corporations manage and interact with subsidiaries and other local stakeholders. Seung Ho Park is Parkland Chair Professor of Strategy at China Europe International Business School. He was the founding president of Samsung Economic Research Institute, China, and Managing Director of Skolkovo-EY Institute for Emerging Market Studies. His current research focuses on the growth strategies of local companies, the competitive dynamics between multinationals and local companies, and the roles of multinationals in emerging markets.

Table of contents

Foreword Preface List of abbreviations 1. Introduction: the rise of EMNCs 2. Understanding the challenges of internationalization 3. Country selection 4. Entry mode selection 5. Establishment 6. Operation 7. Integration 8. Expansion 9. Conclusion References Index.


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