Global Supply Chain Quality Management: Product Recalls and Their Impact

Barbara B. Flynn (First Author), Xiande Zhao (Participant Author)

科研成果: 书/报告编著


The book presents detailed case studies of six extended global supply chains within three industries: toys, food, and pharmaceuticals. These case studies cover U.S. companies with supply chains that extend into China and provide the perspectives of both U.S. and Chinese executives. It includes coverage of several highly publicized product recalls, including Ford Pinto, Extra Strength Tylenol, melamine-tainted milk, Mattel, and Toyota.Presenting detailed examples of both poor and best practices, the text supplies firsthand accounts from key players in well-known product recalls. It outlines an event study methodology that can help readers determine the true financial impact of a product recall announcement. It also describes how to conduct controlled experiments to determine the effect of various recall strategies on consumers.The book describes how alternative product recall strategies can influence consumers' perception of your organization's corporate social legitimacy as well as their future purchasing behaviors. Although the text focuses on product quality within the supply chain, it also sheds light on other sources of product hazards―sharing a wide-ranging perspectives and current methodologies.
出版商CRC Press
已出版 - 1 1月 2014


姓名Supply Chain Integration Modeling, Optimization and Application


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