How Chinese Companies Are Reinventing Management

MJ Greeven (First Author), Katherine R. Xin (Participant Author), George S. Yip (Participant Author)

科研成果: 期刊稿件期刊论文


China’s companies have long been acclaimed for their manufacturing prowess and, more recently, for their pragmatic approach to innovation. Now it’s time to recognize how they are reinventing the role of management through an approach the authors call “digitally enhanced directed autonomy,” or DEDA. These companies use digital platforms to give frontline employees direct access to shared corporate resources and capabilities, making it possible for them to organize themselves around specific business opportunities. Autonomy is not complete, nor is it given to everyone. It is directed exactly where it is needed, and what employees do with their autonomy is carefully tracked. The approach contrasts with the Western model of empowerment, which gives employees broad autonomy through reduced supervision. This article describes the three core features of the DEDA approach: granting employees autonomy at scale, supporting them with digital platforms, and setting clear, bounded business objectives. It offers examples of how companies are using those features and draws lessons for Western companies.
期刊Harvard Business Review
已出版 - 2023


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