Reinventing the Internationalization of Business Schools in the Post–COVID-19 Era

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The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities, and businesses worldwide. The collapse in global economic activity has ruptured the traditional arteries for school operations and international study, travel, and exchange. Yet, the need for international and interdisciplinary contact has never been greater. In this sense, the internationalization of business schools in the post–COVID-19 era will have two layers of new meanings.
主期刊名Business School Leadership and Crisis Exit Planning
主期刊副标题Global Deans' Contributions on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the EFMD
编辑Eric Cornuel
出版地点United Kingdom
出版商Cambridge University Press
217 - 232
出版状态已出版 - 5 5月 2022

Table of contents

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Foreword by Yuan Ding and Eric Cornuel
1.Rationale for the Book and Presentation of the ContributionsEric Cornuel
I.Striving for Higher Purpose
2.Crises and Collective Purpose: Distraction or Liberation?Peter Tufano
3.From Techne to Paideia: Upgrading Business EducationSantiago Iñiguez
4.Educating Business Leaders, but for What Kind of World?Fernando J. Fragueiro
5.Multi- and Interdisciplinary Research in a World of Crisis: A Responsible Research SolutionGerald F. Davis, Peter McKiernan, and Anne S. Tsui
II.Going Beyond Business
6.The Reshaping of Corporations and Their Governance by Climate Change and Other Global Forces – Implications for Leaders and Management EducationPeter Little
7.Transforming Business Schools into Lighthouses of Hope for a Sustainable FutureDaniel Traça
8.Rethinking Management Education in Dynamic and Uncertain Markets: Educating Future Leaders for Resilience and AgilityRajendra Srivastava
9.Strategic Continuity or Disruption? Adaptive Structures of Business Schools in Times of CrisisBarbara Sporn
III.Internationalization of Business Schools
10.Reinventing the Internationalization of Business Schools in the Post–COVID-19 EraYuan Ding
11.The Face of Business Education in Africa Post–COVID-19: Gain or Loss?Enase Okonedo
12.Creating a New Major Business School in the Times of COVID-19: The HSE-Moscow WayValery S. Katkalo
IV.Crisis Management with a Special Focus on COVID-19
13.Going Beyond “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” in Management Education Crisis StrategyEric Cornuel
14.Developing Future Leaders with New Partners: Trends from a Business School PerspectiveFrank Bournois
15.Leading an (Unusual) Academic Institution through a Crisis: A Personal ReflectionJean-François Manzoni
16.“Real Change Comes from the Outside”: COVID-19 as a Great Opportunity for the Revival of Business Schools and Management EducationGrzegorz Mazurek
17.The Extreme Situation, a Challenge for Management EducationPierre Kletz
ConclusionEric Cornuel


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