The 2020 Board: The Future of Company Boards

Pedro Nueno (Participant Author)

科研成果: 书/报告专著


In fast-paced, turbulent business markets, company boards need greater agility and will find it necessary to be conscious of innovation and technological progress. They ought to encourage companies to explore and value creativity at all levels, to remove red tape from the company's culture and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit. This book addresses the most pressing changes companies will undergo over the next five years. It illustrates the way directors should behave and how company boards should approach certain issues. The 2020 Board explains that the boards of directors are key to the leadership of a business and in making sure that everything is done ethically and legally in all markets where the company operates.
出版商LID Publishing
已出版 - 1 1月 2016

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Pedro Nueno is Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship at IESE and Professor and President of CEIBS.

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