The impact of supply chain quality leadership on supply chain quality integration and quality performance

Lingli Luo (First Author), Xueyuan Liu (Participant Author), Xiande Zhao (Participant Author), Barbara B. Flynn (Participant Author)

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Purpose: As quality issues become more prominent in supply chain (SC) management, understanding the factors driving SC quality integration (SCIQ) and quality performance has become increasingly important, shifting the focus of quality management to firms in SCs. This study aims to examine the role of SC quality leadership (SCQL) in facilitating SCIQ and its direct and indirect relationship with quality performance. Design/methodology/approach: Data on 400 Chinese manufacturing firms were collected using survey questionnaires. The hypothesised relationships between SCQL, SCIQ and quality performance were tested using structural equation modeling in AMOS 22.0. Findings: Empirical results show that SCQL has a positive and significant effect on quality performance and all three dimensions of SCIQ: supplier quality integration, internal quality integration and customer quality integration. The results also show that SCIQ mediates the relationship between SCQL and quality performance. Practical implications: Executives should develop SCQL to improve SCIQ in their SCs and ultimately improve quality performance. In particular, nurturing SQI can potentially lead to unique capabilities, relative to competitors. They should be aware of their important role in integrating and coordinating between functional units within the firm and between SC members. Originality/value: This study enriches the SCM literature by identifying SCQL as a new and significant antecedent of SCIQ in manufacturing firms. It contributes to the SC leadership literature by conceptualizing both the quality and social responsibility aspects of SC leadership, conceptualizing SCQL at the firm level and positioning SCIQ as a mediator between SCQL and quality performance.
期刊Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
早期在线日期27 4月 2022
已出版 - 2022


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