What Do Investors Value? A Multidisciplinary Review

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This study offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of the research on the antecedents of investor valuation in the management, accounting, and finance literature. Despite the growing recognition of the importance of investors and financial markets, our current understanding of the factors that drive investor valuation remains incomplete. To address this gap, we classify the existing literature on investor valuation into three perspectives: social, cognitive, and economic. The social perspective examines how social forces, such as institutional norms and pressure, shape investor valuation. The cognitive perspective focuses on the psychological underpinnings of investors’ valuation decisions, while the economic perspective emphasizes how investors determine the value of firms through rational cost-and-benefit calculations. This review compares the research on investor valuation in the management literature to that in the accounting and finance literature, identifying gaps in the management literature and discussing emerging trends that may influence investor valuation. The review also proposes an agenda for future research. In conclusion, this study illuminates the intricate and multifaceted nature of investor valuation, as well as the underlying factors that influence it.
期刊Journal of Management
早期在线日期21 5月 2023
出版状态已出版 - 2023


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